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You don't know what your clients think, trust me.

It's so important to think differently to stay ahead of the competition. Learn how customer feedback will help you to see new opportunities and ways to communicate with your target audience.

I learnt to spearfish by swimming from Mount Maunganui beach by Banks Ave out to Rabbit Island.

I’ve spearfished around Rabbit Island about 40 times and swum around it at least 100 times.

I thought I knew the place like the back of my hand. I have intimate knowledge of reef systems and where to go to get specific species. Heck, I even have a ‘pet’ octopus I feed mussels to.

So, last Friday, we busted out of the channel in bad chop and wind to Karewa Island, but the conditions and the visibility were atrocious.

So we retreated back to Rabbit Island and had a spearfish in the front. But that too was terrible.

Then Jade the skipper decided to try a rock he spotted on Google Maps recently. I was sceptical given how crappy the conditions were everywhere else. But we gave it a go.

And the rock was PUMPING. The water was blue, the visibility was about 15 metres and we got a stunning variety of fish in no time. In spearo terms - we slayed it.

John Dory, Kingfish, Snapper, Blue Mao Mao, Koheru, Trevally, Mussels and Crays. Right on our doorstep. We are so lucky. Or, as one of the spearfishing sayings goes 'Do the mahi (work), get the treats'.

Because Jade decided to look more closely at the satellite map, it gave us a birds-eye view of the situation.

And sometimes you need that to spot new opportunities. Especially in business.

I meet many leaders in the trap I was in, thinking they know everything already.

But real insights come through objectivity.

This is what my clients realise even more deeply after I’ve completed their feedback.

So I encourage you to be more like Jade my skipper; to seek further info, to get actual evidence of what your clients think, and then try a fresh approach.

Because you’re likely to be rewarded, like we were.

And you know the best way to do this right?

What Lies Beneath feedback from your clients.

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