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Can you let go and trust the experts?

The Metservice Boating Forecast rated the conditions one out of ten. I woke numerous times during the night, checking the forecast, convinced our fishing charter would be canceled in the morning.

But even more alarming, what if it wasn’t..?!

But this isn’t a story about ships in stormy weather so much as it is a story about putting your trust in the people who make their living in unsettled environments and quite simply know what they’re doing. The morning of the fishing trip I messaged the skipper to make sure it was going ahead. It was.

More than anything I was worried about crossing the Raglan bar, which is notoriously dangerous even in reasonable weather. As we approached, the skipper remarked “Ahh yep, plenty of deaths on that bar over the years…” I looked up, with alarm in my eyes. “None on my boat though… Yet”…he chuckled. The swell was huge so we were asked to scuttle up to keep the front of the boat heaviest in anticipation of crashing over the bar. And you know what? We needn’t have worried. There was no crashing. The big, heavy boat with its experienced skipper at the helm cut through the water like a knife through butter. I was watching the crew, they were super relaxed, done this a thousand times. And despite the pelting rain and high winds we were on the fish immediately. I had a small plastic bucket in the boot of my car so I’d totally underestimated the bounty we’d leave with. 10 fat snapper and a few mixed bag fish - each! The crew had everything ready to go, we just baited the hooks and raced our sinkers to the bottom. And when we got our lines tangled, which happened a lot because of the swell and currents, they swooped in and sorted it for us. You could tell the skipper was in his element, he was full of information and expertise. He’d made his own assessment of the weather conditions based on his experience and knowledge of the area. “No worries, mate”. As I filleted and vacuum packed all the fish, I had plenty of time to reflect on the trip.

  • We could have stayed home that day to avoid the storm. But, much like client feedback, bad weather exists even if you don’t confront it. Staying home wouldn’t have stopped the storm, we’d just have missed out on the adventure, and the fish!

  • Expert guidance and experience makes all the difference. If you put your faith in the integrity of the boat, the experience of the crew and the desire from everyone for a good outcome, you’ll all come away smiling. Tangles will happen, but they’re easily resolved by experience.

  • In classic overthinking, the thing I’d worried about the most - the bar - was totally uneventful. I’d wasted all that energy worrying for nothing. What I hadn’t considered was getting seasick in 20km winds and 1.8m swell 🤢 Not pleasant (but kinda funny).

  • If conditions are rough, few people feel ready to cross the bar - or hear client feedback - but if we’re prepared to be brave and put up with the discomfort of the storm, the skipper will guide us to the bounty.

One thing I’ve learned from my years as skipper of What Lies Beneath: it’s natural to feel apprehensive about client feedback. It’s easy to assume the worst. But with us by your side, to help you and your team navigate the rough patches and celebrate the sunshine - you emerge so much better off. The most memorable experiences come from adventure, which by definition will involve risk. Big change takes courage. Courage contributes to success. Exciting!


Want to know if our feedback is right for your business? Simply give me a call, or send me an email and lets have a chat, no obligation.

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