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Complaints - your secret to success!

A customer insight that keeps cropping up lately is the idea of getting excited about complaints!

Get excited and have fun helping your customers solve problems by offering Positively Outrageous Service!

Why? Our customer insights consistently scream this loud and clear: it's not the problem that's the problem; it's how you handle it.

Complaints aren't trouble; they're your chance to deliver "Positively Outrageous Service" (thanks to Dale from Heartland Homes for introducing me to this concept).

Move quickly to turn complaints into positives, and you'll earn forgiveness and fans.

But procrastinate, and you'll breed detractors.

In our customer’s action plans, we co-create the know-how, tips, tricks, and tools to turn complaints into applause.

And if you're NPS-minded, you’ll realise this is your shortcut to success!

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