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Anonymous feedback is BS

Ditch the camoflage, business is not war!!

My spearfishing wetsuit has a camouflage design.

Camouflage is generally worn when you want to kill something, or you don't want something to kill you. When there’s danger about.

It struck me recently that asking clients for anonymous feedback is like asking them to wear camouflage. You’re saying that something bad might happen if they reveal who they are.

But business is not war. Your customers are not at risk of being persecuted or shot by giving honest feedback! There's no need for camo, right?

I’ve always been skeptical about anonymous feedback. I believe it is worth very little and can actually be obstructive. Anonymous comments are open to interpretation. There’s no context, no importance weighting, no depth.

When you’re in business, you want to understand problems and issues so you can take action and make improvements. You shouldn’t be scared to ask your clients their opinion and they shouldn’t be scared to give it.

Spearfishing at Whakaari / White Island last weekend. Camouflage is important when you are hunting to kill, but not when you are building relationships with your clients.

One of our values at What Lies Beneath (WLB) is that candour is contagious. That the more open and honest you are, the more it allows others to be. This is the style of relationship you want to build with your clients. That’s why we carefully frame the invitation for feedback, and interviews are conducted by a skilled interviewer (me). When your clients understand your desire and motive to understand them, they are more than happy to give open and constructive feedback – the good, the bad and the otherwise.  Open feedback means you and your staff understand the context within which information is given and its relative importance. You trust it because you can trace back to who said what and why. And when you trust and understand the feedback, it is more likely to inspire action and change. This is what WLB is all about.

Ditching the camo is like landing three fish in one shot, it’s a win for you, your staff and your clients.

Check out our website for more details. As an indication of cost, the Snapshot Depth Sounder is $5,900 - $6,900 + gst. If this is in your realm, give me a no-obligation call or email and we can discuss whether WLB feedback is right for your business. Ange 021 636373

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