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Elevate your conference - with us!

Looking to enhance your next conference or strategy retreat?

Our recent experiences as conference facilitators have proven great value to clients and we’re keen to do more.

How does it work?

We could either present the customer insights and plan from a Depth Sounder project we've done with your exec team. Or even better, we could run our proven Depth Sounder process, conducting workshops a day apart, maximising both time and cost-effectiveness.

I presented our Depth Sounder findings to the Lockwood national team last year. Such a good crew!

Prior to the conference your guests would read our Deep Dive report so they are fully prepped for what's to come!

I don't have another relevant 'conference' photo and don't want to resort to a stock one, so enjoy this pic of Anna, Tracy and Chantelle hard at work in Raglan :)

Place us as the opening and closing 2.5 hour sessions, and afterwards we take care of crafting the action plan, ready to be sent to attendees within two working days.

For conference organisers, I can hear your sigh of relief as you'll have a pile of other work to catch up on, so let us take the 'follow up' off your hands.

Doing our workshops back-to-back is intense for us, as it requires turning around a report in one day, rather than our usual week – but our process is seamless and our team love the challenge!

Looking fuzzy but happy after our late nights and 6.30am starts during the Heartland Homes conference in Taupo.

Good times!

As always, to chew the fat about anything you like, just contact Ange via email, phone or book 1/2 an hour straight into her diary for a no-obligation chat here.

Ange Wallace, 021 636373,

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