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Feedback and our local Great White Shark.

I’d heard tales about ‘Brutus the Great White Shark', known to patrol the waters around Schooner Rock, 18 miles from Mount Maunganui.

But it wasn’t till my friend said he’d met someone who had SEEN Brutus, that I entertained they might be true.

Especially because he told me when we were on a boat. Heading to Schooner. To Spearfish. At Dawn.

Often it’s the first person in the water that gets the best fish, and being the only person suited up, I chucked Brutus to the back of my mind and jumped in alone, knowing the guys would be a good ten minutes behind me.

I was stealthily snooping for snapper when I looked up and saw a seal on top of the highest rock structure and I thought “shiiiit, what has compelled him to get so far out of the water?”

I felt a chill run down my spine that had nothing to do with winter.

But you don’t get to be a proficient Spearo by shying away from things that scare you. 

So I biffed Brutus out of my mind, took a deep breath chanting "nothing ventured, nothing gained"…and relaxed into the underwater landscape.

According to ‘Feel the fear, and do it anyway’ author Susan Jeffers,

"The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something…is to go out, and do it"

Sometimes it’s fear that stops business leaders from seeking in-depth feedback with us.

Let’s take Dave, Sheree, Ben and the team from D&B Construction, who have carved out a niche as builders of the highest-end homes in Mount Maunganui.

They were unlikely candidates for our feedback because they have been so ridiculously busy ‘doing the do’ that they barely had time to work on their business.

We were recommended to D&B by smart and successful people they trust, people who have already used our feedback service (thanks Lysaght crew!) so D&B decided to bite the bullet and dive in.

Dave admitted they were all freaked out but said “we’re just gonna buckle up and take the ride as it comes”.

That’s a great attitude for business.

And their feedback reflected this.

In fact, D&B received the highest NPS customer loyalty score possible. Their clients LOVE them. The warmth of their feedback was a pleasure for me to collect and to present back to them.

“It was pretty overwhelming to hear how much our clients care about us and appreciate the hard work we put into their homes” said Dave.

But, there's danger in judging your business by the numbers.

Because, underlying even 10/10 feedback from your raving fans, are important insights. About small but recurring things, that can build to big things. There can be forewarnings about issues that can impact your reputation.

Dave added:

“But we can’t afford to ignore the recurring themes that came from the feedback.

It's forced us to stop and put disciplines in place to ensure we keep living up to the promises we make to our clients. Ange stepped it out so clearly. We know what we need to do now and we’re doing it”.

The good news hasn’t stopped for D&B.

Last weekend they were named the 'standout winner’ taking out Supreme New Build, the top award for the Bay of Plenty Central Plateau region at the NZ House of the Year.

One of D&B's clients, Kate Barry-Piceno summed D&B up during our feedback call:

"The fact that they are getting feedback shows they're in it for the long haul, that they're committed to their vision"

So, here’s a question for you.  Are YOU committed to your business for the long-haul?

Then you need to get amongst feedback.

Even if it scares you a little.

And especially if you think you already know what your clients think but haven't undertaken objective qualitative feedback before!.

Or if your recent email survey gave you a 4/5 so you think thats good enough.

We work with a lot of companies who are at the very top of their game, who still recognise their need for feedback. 

So get in touch and let's have a chat. 

Now, want to know what happened at Schooner that morning?

Well, I'm relieved to say I didn't see Brutus. But I did spear this beauty of a snapper.

See, it pays to face your fears.

Nga mihi nui,


What Lies Beneath helps New Zealand companies improve by making it simple and affordable to understand and learn from their clients. We collect in-depth qualitative feedback that creates a whole new layer of knowledge to a business, helping them to make informed decisions and produce marketing content that resonates. Typically we work with B2B companies with 10 - 300 staff, and those involved with long term / high value projects, like D&B.

ps - D&B were the first client of ours to achieve +100 NPS so we rewarded them in a very WLB way 🐟😆

Ange Wallace

021 636373

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