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Get ready to be comfortable with the uncomfortable?

‘No Wetsuit Wednesday’ (#nww) — it’s one of the highlights of my week.

A group of us brave the cold and go for a lunchtime ocean swim sans wetsuit, all through winter, in all weather.

But, to be honest, as much as I love it, it hasn’t really caught on.

So many people are tempted. They know it’s good for them and they want to challenge themselves…but in the end, their fears and their need for comfort wins over. They don’t take the plunge.

But there are the hardy few that do.

#nowetsuitwednesday. Only a couple of us togs. Count the number of fingers we're holding up. That was the water temperature.

And it’s the same with in-depth client feedback.

Take Jed, for example, he’s one of the ‘hardy’ ones.

Jed is GM at Glasslines. They’re a company in growth mode and that puts a lot of strain on a business.

After reading one of my blogs, Jed decided that his company needed client feedback because they want to grow even further. The question in his mind though, was how to do that in a sustainable way, being mindful of continually improving the customer experience.

Jed was both excited and uncomfortable with the idea of the feedback, but with my encouragement, he convinced himself (and his team) to take the plunge.

Fast forward to today, and Glasslines have undertaken their feedback with What Lies Beneath. And like us #nww swimmers they’ve emerged feeling invigorated and focussed.

I’ll let you in on one of their key insights (because I think it has relevance to many businesses):

Yes, clients want DIFOT (Delivered In Full, On Time) and excellent quality….but it’s what happens when this doesn’t happen that matters most. Glasslines were so focused on aiming for DIFOT numbers (currently less than 2% ) but they lost sight of the human aspect — how those <2% errors are treated. In the end, it comes down to communication — they need to keep their customers notified at all times. THIS is their new goal…and it will yield more loyal and referred customers than a small improvement in DIFOT.

Powerful stuff.

Jed is convinced that, given their growth, without this feedback, the wheels would have fallen off. Cracks were starting to show, and what hit him hard was that they were on the path to copy the very reason their customers jumped to them FROM the competition.

Now Jed and his team really understand their customer and the ‘pain point’s’ of their actions and how to fix it. In fact, the feedback was so clear that within two weeks Jed went out to their customers to say they’d fixed the communication issues the feedback uncovered. He challenged them to personally know let him know if not — because he and his team want to be accountable for every error!

The whole team emerged from the feedback with a new vigour….full of ways they can each improve how they work…ready to conquer the world. Remind you of anything?

Anyway, the point of this blog…be like Jed.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable because the benefits are huge.

And the good news is, you don’t have to get cold or wet. Just pick up the phone. I’ll guide you through and make it easy.

Anyone can join us for #nww at 12.15pm on Wednesdays at Leisure Island


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