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No news IS news for your clients

A lack of responsiveness can lose business and damage relationships. Learn how qualitative research based client feedback can change your team's response times.

It's not unusual to arrive back on land from a spearfishing shore dive to find a furious wife standing on the beach with the kids, clearly emanating anger from over 100m away.

Why? Because guys who are new to the sport underestimate how long they’ll be in the water and how easy it is to lose track of time.

If they don't get back on time their partners freak out and expect the worst, usually that we've all been eaten alive by sharks.

Once they realise their husbands are alive and actually quite well, the resentment kicks in. They understandably feel disrespected and that their needs don't matter, especially when they have their own plans or have made childcare arrangements. And it probably creates friction for the rest of the weekend.

So, how does this relate to your business?

If your clients are waiting on an update, an order, an installation, a consent, a report, a visit or some rework and it drags on without communication, it makes them think the worst.

They assume you don’t care, that you aren’t ‘on to it’ and that their work isn’t a priority for you.

This leads to tension, a lack of trust and in many cases reputational damage and lost work.

"If I don’t get a response within 48 hours it means they don’t want the work" - actual client feedback.

Qualitative Research based client feedback theme: No News IS News!
Qualitative Research based Client Feedback often brings up customer issues around respone times.

So, remind your team to check in with your clients informally to say "just letting you know we’ve followed up but haven’t heard back but we’ll keep you posted" or a quick email or even a text to say "I haven't forgotten, I'll be in touch shortly!"Because no news IS news to your clients. It stops them catastrophising and it builds trust.

But sadly, just reminding your staff to do this won’t work. You already know this because you probably harp on about responsiveness all the time, right?

Hearing it directly from the client however, is a different story.

When GM's, owners and staff sit with me for the What Lies Beneath feedback presentation and hear how their service actually affects their clients, it sinks in.

It sinks in enough for them to make changes.

"I hadn't realised how important 'no news is news' communication is. I felt like it might annoy the client but now I get how being proactive about communicating bad news or no news strengthens the relationship" - actual feedback from one staff member and echoed by the rest.

That's what keeps me amped about WLB. Once I’m finished with my client's staff, they ARE changed. They get it. It’s a no-brainer.

But as always, you don’t have to believe me, check out what our clients are saying.

Nga mihi nui,


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ps - I saw that it was going to be a phenomenal sunrise yesterday so I hightailed it to the beach with a blanket and wrote this blog there. It was wonderful.

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