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Play in the shallows

Most spearos stay in the deep water, hunting for that impressively massive fish, but I often mooch about in the shallows because that's where the unexpected happens!

Here’s my top four unusual ocean encounters, all experienced in less than 4 metres of water in the Bay of Plenty:

1. Coming face to face with a Queensland Groper near Whakatane with a girth the size of a jet ski! We stared at each other for a few moments then it swam away. It was surreal!

2. Stumbling across twenty Kermadec Kahawai, each bigger than a legal kingfish on a 2m ledge in a rock pool. They are so rare to see spearfishing that they're almost folklore.

3. Swimming into a dozen massive Snapper having what looked like a committee meeting in a tiny rock pool at Mayor Island.

4. And just last week, a swim and chat with this beautiful big turtle. Watch the video to see how he pauses when I talk to him (so sweet!)

Reflecting on these rare experiences reminded me how easy it is, in business, to get caught in the depths.

Where you're so busy pursuing the ONE BIG THING that you miss the simple but important or novel and fresh ideas and improvements.

The problem with focusing on ONE BIG THING is that it takes a mountain of consultation, time, energy and expense - everything happens slooooowly.

Which is why we get so many accolades about the ‘Just Do It’ section of our feedback report.

'Just Do It' is a list of actions that can be turned around quickly and cheaply and will improve your current and future clients' experience.

We cover the strategic considerations 'the big things' too, but our clients appreciate that we don't just deliver a scoping document; they can start implementing change immediately.

We have a management preview of the feedback, then include as many of your staff in the full presentation as possible, so the dissemination of the feedback is already done.

We'll have had open and gritty discussions (and lots of laughs) during the presentation so everyone will be on the same page understanding what needs to be worked on and most importantly, why.

There’s clearly value in going deep, but remember not to forgo the value of the sha-a-sha-la-la-la-lows.…because quick wins and visible progress are motivating for everyone.

I hope you have started 2020 as you wish to proceed! If you're keen on some extra 2020 focus and motivation then email, call, or even better, text and we'll sort a coffee catch up.

Ange | 021636373 | What Lies Beneath

* Additionally, it was so cool to have one of our clients, Thorne Group write this blog about us. Lisa their Marketing Manager is doing an amazing job of leveraging the wealth of marketing content (and videos!) that come with our feedback. Check out to see more.

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