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No strategy without client feedback

Strategy without client feedback is like spearfishing with a foggy mask. And I don't recommend it!

I’m pretty sure I breathe out of my eyes because no matter what I do, masks fog up on me!

A foggy mask really slows me down & affects my accuracy. It stops me from hitting my target fish.

A lack of understanding of your clients will stop you hitting your targets too. It’s strategy season at the moment, so you’ll have management and staff and consultants involved, all wracking their brains about how to improve client experience & make more money from existing and new clients.

But honestly, do you understand your clients deeply enough to ensure sound rationale for making strategic decisions? Probably not.

Most of the companies I’ve worked with in the last 12 years have had a deficit of quality client insights. Which is why I started What Lies Beneath.

We make them simple to get & it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We excel at in-depth feedback and analysis but don’t take my word for it, read what our clients have to say

Let us help you see your business clearly & land your targets. PS – I won two categories in a spearfishing competition last weekend and guess what one of my prizes was? A mask!

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