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Troubled waters but don't wait for a mayday

Last year I got my Maritime VHF Radio Operator Certificate because I want to be as useful as possible in an emergency.

Did you know there are three different alerts for different situations?

1. Mayday: the distress alert, meaning a vessel or person is in grave or imminent danger and needs help immediately

2. Pan Pan: the urgency alert, which indicates a vessel or person needs assistance but is not in immediate danger

3. Sécurité: the safety alert, used when conveying useful information like navigational hazards and weather warnings

In business there are different messages for different times and now is the time to be communicating with your clients at Sécurité level, giving and receiving useful information.


Because most companies are feeling their way at the moment and it’s important to touch base with your clients, to give them support and find out how you can be of assistance to each other.

This is a fantastic time to get a bird’s eye view of your company in anticipation of difficult decisions in the near future. Qualitative feedback offers a solid foundation to make difficult decisions with confidence and evidence.

And before you say it, yes, I know we are in lockdown.

Does it surprise you that I completed seven feedback interviews on the 25- 26 March, two of the most disruptive days in history, and have continued to make feedback calls every working day since?

The silver lining is that many of your clients are accessible and have spare time right now, and many will in Alert Level 3 too. There’s no better time to talk, and to get insights into your business.

So, pick up the phone.

Who knows how Covid-19 will play out, but you will be much more prepared to survive troubled waters if you are connected and in tune with your clients.

Let’s face it, no-one wants to make, or receive a Mayday call.

How about using this opportunity to its best advantage by letting us do the hard yards for you? I've touched based with past clients who say the insights from our feedback are more useful now than ever.

I’m not spearfishing or swimming and Tracy needs to wean herself off a recent addiction to puzzles so we have extra capacity.

Flick me an email and I’ll send you a no-obligation one-pager with costs and what you would need to do in order for us to start a feedback project with you. It’s very simple. I can also let you know about funding that may cover up to 50% of the cost of our services.

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