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Watch Out For What Lies Beneath

Updated: May 9, 2019

Learn more about the importance and benefits of customer feedback and how your business can get some

For the last couple of years, I’ve been working under the radar, honing my craft of in-depth client feedback for business to business operations.

My new (ad)venture is called ‘What Lies Beneath’. That's because I dive in and collect client feedback; bringing issues and opportunities to the surface. I also love the ocean, so it’s a name that pulls all my passions together.

The name is a little scary — you know the movie right? This fits too because people can be resistant to hearing feedback. But I’m changing this connotation by showing how powerful and constructive quality client feedback is.

Ange Wallace, Qualitative research based client feedback expert underwater with the snapper she speared.
I swim or spearfish in the ocean every day. Learning to spear Snapper was easier once I understood their behaviour. In the same way that business is better once you understand your customers. Qualitative research based client feedback is a great way to get insights into your customers.

Every testimonial I have mentions how essential my objectivity is for deep client feedback, yet so many businesses want to do it themselves or through a survey (don’t do that!). Feedback is a specialty skill and if you value your clients then don’t cut corners with this, especially now that What Lies Beneath exists to make it so simple for you.

If you're brave and driven to improve; if you want to make more informed decisions — about your brand, your strategy, your growth plans — having in-depth insights from your clients will give you much-needed clarity.

And just a heads up, to give my clients the edge and to ensure no conflict of interest, I only work with one business per industry group per region. So, if you think your business would benefit from client feedback then let’s make a time to chat.

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