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What last weekend’s mistakes taught me ...

So, exciting news (for me)…I have a jet ski! But not a typical jet ski – it’s a Seadoo Fish Pro Trophy which feels way more like a boat, but without all the expense and fuss!

I’m new to this jet-skiing lark…and to being the skipper. Let's just say it's been a steep learning curve.

In general society you’re taught to hide your mistakes, to not show weakness, but I’ve never been that fond of general society rules…so let me outline our eventful maiden voyage in Raglan recently.

Mistake #1: Forgot to click our Garmin Fish Finder in properly.

Luckily my partner Anthony saw it fall (while travelling at 70km/hr in 40m depth) and batted it into the footwell with his hand!!

Mistake #2: Forgot to close the little compartment that holds our phones.

The small compartment is on top of the big compartment, so when you lift the big compartment open everything falls out. LUCKILY Anthony to the rescue again and he caught my phone!!

Mistake #3 : Didn’t get enough anchor rope.

We were by the notorious Raglan Bar trying to anchor but we didn’t have as much rope as we thought. While Anthony was tying on some more, I was holding the anchor rope in decent current, which wasn’t catching on the bottom, until it DID, and it pulled so hard I couldn’t hold on…

So, we came away without our pretty red anchor ($150) but felt quite lucky all things considered.

We did catch our first fish though! A humble kahawai which we celebrated like it was a marlin – LOL - because it wasn’t an easy day!

But what’s this got to do with What Lies Beneath??

We were in a The GUTS session with some clients from the South Island, who were grappling with quality issues. So, they decided to have a bi-weekly ‘complaints’ meeting where they would discuss customer and product issues.

And Amy, (our amazing and newest WLB recruit) offered this great advice:

“Perhaps call it a ‘learnings meeting’ – because that changes the focus from the past and blaming to the future and solutions. You can openly and safely share ‘mistakes’ and figure out how to not make them again”

Isn’t that so simple, but such a heartening way to look at it?

So, to reframe here’s my first-day jet ski LEARNINGS:

Learning #1: Make sure things really ‘click’ in
Learning #2: Shut all compartments immediately after use
Learning #3: Measure your anchor rope before you try it!

There have been a few more learnings since, but we’ve never made these three mistakes again…

In fact, this weekend we rode the jet ski all the way to Tuhua/Mayor Island from the Mount (using just over ½ a tank of gas!). It was glassy and warm the whole way. And there were no close calls at all - just pure ocean goodness and gratitude.

I cannot wait to spearfish off the jet ski soon, Aldermen Islands here we come!! (Read: a LOT more learnings to come!).

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