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When preparation meets opportunity - a Boarfish triumph!

After many years of hoping, I finally shot an elusive boarfish!! Most people don't know about these fish as they don't get caught on fishing lines. Instead they hang on the weed lines on the sand in deep water eating worms, so you need good visibility to find them and a special stealth technique to shoot them.

Boarfish are always on a spearo’s hit list because they're such an accomplishment AND they taste delicious.

To prepare myself for success I’d listened diligently to people who'd shot them, I knew exactly what I needed to do when the opportunity presented itself. When the day finally came, I executed the shot like a blimmin' navy seal. It almost felt too easy! My preparation had paid off! My boarfish triumph crossed my mind yesterday when a client called to tell me of the success (a mahooosive order) they'd achieved by listening and acting on the client feedback insights we'd given them. Whether it’s spearfishing or business, the strategy for success is the same: ask questions of the right people, gain the insights, decide the plan, then act or seize the opportunity. _______________________________________________________ We have feedback project openings at the moment, if you want to learn more then I’d love to hear from you. Covid has changed the landscape for so many businesses, it’s a good time to be proactive and hear what’s happening for your clients. Ps – the boarfish was as delicious as the hype suggested…we cooked fish kebabs on a charcoal grill – it was WOW.

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