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When the world's on tenterhooks, don't spook your clients

When one fish gets spooked, the rest get spooked. Same with seagulls, sheep and investors in the financial markets.

Think about the freefall in the US (and NZ) stock market due to Covid-19 right now.

But, back to Covid-19 in a minute. First I want to talk about fish. Did you know thousands of fish can change direction at the same time and not crash into each other? They respond in unison because of their incredible lateral line system that keeps them in tune with each other's movements.

The biggest skill in spearfishing is stealth – being ‘at one’ with the fish. To be stealthy, you must adapt your behaviour to the fish’s so you don’t trigger their lateral line system. That way you can get right alongside them without spooking them.

Which brings me back to Covid-19.

Your clients, like you, are probably on tenterhooks, feeling spooked.

That’s why now is the time to get alongside them and show your support.

The reality is, we are all blind to the future right now. It’s impossible to know how Covid-19 is going to play out, or how serious it will be for us in New Zealand.

But take heart.

Blind fish can keep up with the school because their lateral lines keep them tune with the others.

It’s fish without a functional lateral line, whose movements are unpredictable, that will cause panic by crashing into other fish, leaving them all vulnerable.

So don’t leave yourself or your clients spooked and vulnerable.

Get in tune with your clients by touching base with them now - create your own lateral line, so to speak.

What you do now will affect relationships later, and it’s your relationships that will carry you through the tough times.

If you need our help to understand your client's needs in these uncertain times, get in touch.

And if you’re feeling overloaded, like you can’t deal with anything else on your plate, then our latest testimonials will help you see how easy it is to work with us

Ps - for those of you who come for the ocean stuff...

Here’s a wee clip showing my friend Phil plucking a trevally out of a school of kahawai, causing them all to bolt. Before I learned about the lateral line system, I was befuddled why fish don’t crash into each other!

Check out the second clip in my friend Michelle’s instagram post to see how easily fish can spook and disappear!

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