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Why in-depth client feedback is good for business

If you snorkel in the ocean (like I do a lot) you’ll be amazed by what you see.

Once you dive beneath the surface, there’s another world below. And the deeper you dive, and the longer you hang around, the more you see and discover. Your eyes adjust to the sea depths and the sea life adjusts to you. It can be truly awe-inspiring.

Here I am at the Aldermen Islands (20km from Tairua) handfeeding Sandager Wrasse. The longer I spent with them (and lets be honest, the more I fed them) the friendlier they got.

It’s the same with in-depth client feedback.

When you take the time to talk to your clients and ask them about their world and their experiences you learn a lot. When you ask intelligent questions, when you’re truly interested in their business, curious about why things are the way they are, you get great feedback.

A lot more than you would from a survey or the odd casual conversation.

In fact, doing a survey is like swimming around on top of the ocean and trying to see what’s beneath the surface. You get a bit of an idea, maybe you see the odd fish or catch a glimpse of something unfamiliar. But you’ll never understand or appreciate what’s under the water unless you dive in.

And that’s the What Lies Beneath Way.

Our client feedback process provides you with an in-depth snapshot of your business from your client’s point of view. We dive in and find out what your clients really think. No skimming around on the surface.

Why is this type of in-depth client feedback good for business?

Understanding what your clients think, and think of your business, can help inform:

  • Where to invest time and resources

  • What your unique selling proposition is

  • How to better service your clients

  • How to outperform your competitors and much more.

You get real information, backed up with evidence, so you can make decisions that generate a better return.

By using a skilled and objective party (like What Lies Beneath) you’ll receive insights that translate into actions, that benefit both you and your clients. Leaving your competitors to guess what their clients want, or to annoy them with faceless providers and surveys, while you invest where it counts.

So if you think your business could benefit from in-depth client feedback and the What Lies Beneath way, we should chat.


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