The first time I made a client feedback call I started fist-pumping in the air. I couldn't believe how valuable what they were saying was! It felt like striking gold - like THIS is the treasure businesses need!!

But how come so few businesses get qualitative client feedback?

Well it's actually not that easy to find someone to do it. The options seemed to be to outsource it to a sterile call centre (OMG, don't do this), or have it wrapped up as part of a major project e.g. brand strategy or website which financially becomes out of reach.

And don't get me started on email surveys! If your clients are important to you, don't add to their To Do list with work for you! They deserve our gold service.

We pride ourselves on being the Waka Kotahi (NZTA) of feedback. Like you go there for a warrant but they don't offer the fix-it services so you can trust their independence.

We're like them - we are an off the shelf feedback service, that is completely independent, we don't manipulate the feedback to fit another service we offer.

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We're in and out in six weeks...but often we come back and do it all over again every couple of years.

We need certain qualities to do what we do. We work around your clients so we must be happily flexible and adaptable. And we need to analyse a large amount of information and present it in a simple but strategic way. Strategy and communication is crucial. 

I built the What Lies Beneath methodology so I guess that's why it fits me perfectly.


I'm curious and live to learn - I find each and every project fascinating. I also love that we quickly get to the heart of your business and get to know you and your team well.

If you want to learn more, simply get in touch. We aren't salesy and I'm not going to try to push you into anything - we're just ready when you are.

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I'm an adventurer. 

My gift and my curse is that I can't do anything I don't believe in. I need freedom, variety and challenge to thrive.

Which led me to create What Lies Beneath.

WLB allows me to live my life the way I choose, while providing incredible value and insight to our clients.

For this I'm grateful, every single day.

My love of the ocean, in particular spearfishing, has given me an appreciation and understanding of the Maori values kaitiakitanga and manaakitanga. I naturally and consciously incorporate these beautiful, essential concepts into my mahi and my life in general.

It would be my pleasure to guide you through the uplifting and insightful experience of our client feedback - with depth.

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I love my job, in fact it doesn't feel like a job at all!

I get a kick out of knowing we are genuinely making a difference to businesses. I enjoy watching light bulb moments on faces when the people we work with learn what their clients are REALLY saying about them out in the marketplace.

The feedback makes powerful reading, but it's the way that it's presented in-person that means improvements and momentum happen immediately. We really are very different to other consultancies.


I worked with Ange for three years at ExportNZ BOP. We clicked, we were a great team and we built up the membership and engagement to an all-time high. But most importantly we had fun doing it so it's great that the team are back together having a great time at What Lies Beneath!

I love my job, it fits in with my family life, raising two teenage boys with my husband. I love working with Ange, and all the amazing businesses we meet. Life is good! 

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Ange Wallace What Lies Beneath


I spend a part of most days in the ocean either swimming or spearfishing.  


Every Wednesday of the year, rain, hail or shine, a bunch of friends and I swim around Moturiki (Leisure) Island in Mount Maunganui, without a wetsuit.


One particularly cold and squally winter Wednesday my stomach was churned up at the thought of getting in the water, I felt nauseous with dread. But my friends and I are committed, we don’t let each other down. So I dove in, and it wasn't even that bad!


Afterwards I felt so invigorated, like I could take on the world! I was so glad I’d overcome my apprehension because the resulting feeling was worth the pain. This mix of feelings reminded me how great our clients feel after they experience our feedback, after a bit of trepidation before-hand.


Being comfortable with the uncomfortable is so important in life in my opinion. There is so much power in focusing on the end result, not the uncomfortable action it takes to get there. I love showing NZ business leaders that there’s nothing to fear, but so much to gain when they dive beneath the surface of their client relationships.


I love taking business leaders and their teams on a client feedback adventure, to discover WHAT LIES BENEATH their business.

The gallery below is linked to my Instagram page...feel free to check out my ocean adventures!


Our families and our health, both physical and mental, absolutely come first.


We are mindful to eliminate unnecessary aspects of our daily work lives, leaving plenty of time to live a well-rounded life, while achieving excellent results for our clients.


Tracy makes time for bootcamp and dog walking and Ange ocean swims or spear-fishes most days. The lunches we cook up in the work kitchen usually feature freshly speared fish and Tracy isn't complaining!


Inspiration is essential

To inspire 

we must

be inspired 

Candour is contagious

When we are

open others can

be too

We are authentic

We don't aim for perfection, but we're  always genuine

Simplicity is our edge

Our methods

are common



Email to be added to our blog database, to keep up with the latest tips on client feedback, made more interesting (I hope!) by being woven into my ocean adventures.

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