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Over a decade ago, WLB founder Ange Wallace identified an untapped market for easily accessible, profound, and unfiltered customer insights.

The straightforward and gutsy approach strikes a chord with business and marketing leaders. They revel in clarity and confidence and witness their teams unify with decisive action

Ange is an ocean freak, gathering an ever-growing pod of super-smart coastal dwellers to support WLB and it's fabulous customers.

Ange Wallace

Founder, Director & Customer Lead

Ange Wallace running through some qualitative research findings
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Ange Wallace underwater, holding up two huge kingfish

Hi I’m Ange


My gift and my curse is that I can't do anything I don't believe in. I need freedom, variety and challenge to thrive.


During an extensive professional career working with growth and export-oriented companies, I did a series of feedback calls, and literally fist-pumped the air - I knew THIS was the gold every business needed and I set out to help provide it. 

I created What Lies Beneath and the Depth Sounder to provide an engaging, authentic and action orientated service that delivers results. Using the power of conversation and our values of candor, integrity and simplicity, we have developed a winning formula.

I have taken a leap into the unknown and had a lot of fun doing it. It would be my pleasure to leap with you into the uplifting and insightful experience of customer insights, WLB style.

You’ll notice a distinct theme in our brand identity which is because of my love of the ocean, in particular spearfishing and I'm lucky to divide my time between two great coastal towns - Tauranga and Raglan.  This watery playground has provided me the perfect metaphor for my business and life’s purpose; to seek ‘What Lies Beneath’. ​


Tracy Donovan

Customer Insights (& Team) Wrangler

Tracy Donovan wearing headphones and taking notes
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Hi I’m Tracy


Tracy finds immense fulfilment in knowing that What Lies Beneath genuinely makes a difference in the lives of businesses and individuals.


With a background in administration and organization, Tracy also takes on the roles of a wife and a mother to two teenage boys. Along with her newest addition, Jazz, their German Shepherd, she enjoys exploring the beautiful walking trails of the Bay of Plenty.


Within the What Lies Beneath team, Tracy is known as the team wrangler, having worked closely with Ange for many years.


Engaging in meaningful conversations lies at the heart of their work. While remaining impartial, their focus is on building trust, delving deep into discussions, and asking the important questions that lead to success for their clients.


Tracy's attention to detail ensures that everything is taken care of while keeping a fun and vibrant atmosphere.


Gallup Strengths: Positivity, Harmony, Empathy, Includer, Arranger

Chantelle Rodrigo

B2B Customer Insights Specialist 
022 685 0110

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Chantelle's previous experience at Shopify, where she initially worked in customer support and business growth has equipped her with valuable skills as a Customer Feedback Specialist at What Lies Beneath.


Additionally, her time spent as a recruiter within the Talent Acquisition team demonstrates her strengths in interviewing people as well as her commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, including ChatGPT/AI.

Chantelle's passion for data analysis and research aligns perfectly with the project-based nature of What Lies Beneath's work.


Having moved to New Zealand from Canada several years ago, she enjoys the opportunity to contribute to a local New Zealand business while accommodating the needs of her family, including her young daughter.

Chantelle loves to be in the water, whether it be swimming or learning to surf and enjoys baking and trying new recipes, helping make every What Lies Beneath get-together delicious!


Gallup Strengths: Restorative, Learner, Relator, Discipline, Achiever

Anna Le Quesne

Marketing & B2B Customer Insights Specialist


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Anna, a qualified lawyer, discovered her true passion for high-end lifestyle marketing roles after realizing that law wasn't her calling.


With six years of experience in the food and wine industry, she excels as a market-savvy brand and marketing manager, dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and product visibility through targeted online and offline marketing strategies.


Anna is well-versed in public relations, social media management, relationship building, and has extensive expertise in executing high-impact marketing campaigns based on lifestyle market trends. Her skill set also includes SEO management, user experience content strategy, and website architecture.


As her children become more independent, Anna eagerly embraced the opportunity to join What Lies Beneath, where she utilises her diverse skills and experiences through the Depth Sounder Framework to foster the growth of New Zealand businesses.


Gallup Strengths: Communication, Empathy, Analytical, Input and Adaptability

Emma Rhoads

B2B Customer Insights Specialist 

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at
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Despite her youth, Emma's impressive resume boasts 24 different jobs and a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and Entrepreneurship.


She has been involved with numerous start-up and small businesses, including hospitality, and has even worked as a tour guide in breathtaking destinations worldwide.


Emma's diverse background brings a unique perspective that benefits What Lies Beneath's clients, who are sure to appreciate her energetic presence during interviews.


Splitting her time between the US and Raglan, Emma embraces the contrast between her two lives and will primarily handle interviews for the company's US clients.

Emma has a ridiculous amount of hobbies including riding on, and using broken surfboards for art.


Gallup Strengths: Strategic, Ideation, Learner, Adaptability, Input




Candour is contagious - When we are open, it's natural for others to be open. 


Inspiration is essential - to inspire we must feel inspired.


Authenticity outweighs perfection - we're just our genuine, flawed, perfect selves.


Simplicity is our edge - Our methodology is common sense.

Road trips not work trips - We take work and fun seriously.

WLB Values
Ange Wallace standing in the ocean wearing a wetsuit with her arms stretched above her and the light shining through from behind
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