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Welcome! So you’ve been asked to give feedback about a company you work with?

First of all, this means they really value what you have to say. Whether your relationship is strong or strained, they truly want to hear your thoughts. Heck, they’re paying us to talk to you, that’s how important you are. We only take on clients that want to make changes, so you can trust that the information you give will go towards improvements for them, and of course, this benefits you too.  

It really is a win-win situation!


You will receive a 'heads up' email from the company we are gathering feedback for, which will be cc'd to Ange Wallace who will be interviewing you by phone.

Ange, or one of her team will give you a call, and if they don't connect with you, will send an email with suggested times.

  1. Once the time has been agreed, we’ll send you a calendar invite.​

  2. At precisely the agreed time, we will call you. The interview will take 15-20 minutes or longer if you have a lot to say

  3. At the beginning of the conversation you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions about the process, then will launch straight in.

  4. Your feedback is not anonymous. It is encouraged to stand behind the feedback you give but if you wish to speak off the record we will outline how this works at the time.

  5. Your call may be recorded purely for note taking purposes. We abide by country and state laws on whether we need to let you know before hand. If you are unwilling to be recorded, let us know at the beginning and that is fine.

  6. We will direct the conversation, all you need to do is give your honest, candid opinions and thoughts.

  7. Once the phone call is finished you don’t have to do anything else!

  8. But, if you think of anything extra to say, or have any questions you can email or call us anytime.

  9. Once we have presented the feedback to the company, including the team, you will receive a thank you email from them with next steps.

  10. Then you can sit back and watch the positive impact you (and others) have made.


Your full-feedback is included in the EVIDENCE stage as a transcript then summarised into ANALYSIS, a customised client summary.

From here, your feedback will be merged with other interviewees (typically 10-20 others) and used to draw out themes for the INSIGHTS stage.

INSIGHTS are used in the ACTION stage to build tools that include key messages and actions, brand elements and Net Promoter Score.

Chart of The Depth Sounder Report from What Lies Beneath


We work with companies throughout NZ and Australia.

Your best first step is to email or give me a call
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Success! Message received.

Ange Wallace
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