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The Depth Sounder™ is for B2B leaders seeking a business review grounded in customer insights.

Our proven framework allows us to connect quickly with your customers, creating a relaxed environment for them to tell us the good, the bad, and the otherwise.

From this feedback we develop personalised workbooks that serve as the springboard for our workshops.

The workshop environment allows everyone to feel safe and contribute to the wide-ranging, often robust and always constructive discussions.

We leave you with improvement and growth strategies matched with actionable next steps.

Let us take you on a journey that will transform how you understand your customers and yourselves.

Ocean Water


The Depth Sounder is a six-week service suitable for all-sized B2B businesses and industries.

It includes in-depth customer conversations, two workshops with personalised workbooks, a comprehensive GUTS report, and the final Action Plan.

Upfront pricing, rock-solid deadlines and we keep you in the loop, always.


Weeks 1-3: Customer Conversations

Week 4:     The Deep Dive Workshop

Week 5:     The Guts Workshop

Week 6:     The Guts Finale including your Action Plan

Follow up: Two Momentum Sessions




Our Secret Sauce

Behind the scenes, we work hard, gathering candid feedback from your customers. How we do this is one of our many secret sauces!


Exploration to Inspiration

Get ready for a rollicking read of raw, unfiltered customer feedback.


Using your personalised Deep Dive workbook as a guide, together we will brainstorm ideas, tackle challenges and revel in the good stuff.


Importantly, no decisions are made, and no actions are taken - that happens next.




Insight to Action

Merging your customer feedback and the Deep Dive considerations, we create your meaty Guts workbook.

We present and then together we finesse:

  • Your key insights

  • SWOT analysis

  • Brand elements

  • Key differentiators / USP

  • Functional and emotional benefits

  • Values insights

  • Brand essence

  • Benchmarks

  • Net Promoter Score

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Testimonials


We hash out how your insights impact your business, your customers, and your team.


Then it’s crunch time –collaborative decisions are made that form your action plan.


Finally, we explore your marketing elements and wrap up with your benchmark scores.


We leave with everyone on the same wavelength, ready to get cracking!





Your Guiding Light

Your final report includes:

Your Guts Report consists of all the gold we’ve captured during the workshops, and your 2-page action plan - it takes skill make it this tight!

Your plan covers actions to be taken:

  • NOW: Just Do Its

  • SOON: Strategic Considerations

  • LATER: ‘On the Radar’

    • complete with task delegation and deadlines.

What happens next:

We'll have two planned check-ins at one month and three months for support and accountability.

If a key insight relates to marketing, we'll discuss our Periscope Brand Brief service with you.

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Blue Water
Photo of Marketing Manager Blake Currie and Smart Pack team with Ange Wallace and Tracy Donovan
“Brilliant! I love what we got out of this!
To get this report at the end that is 100% usable too is incredible"

— Blake Currie, Marketing Manager, Smart Pack

Photo of Managing Director Morgan Jones and Veros team with Ange Wallace

“We liked the fast and furious approach, the whole experience was a good fit for us”

— Morgan Jones, MD, Veros

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