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For leaders seeking strategic, marketing, sales and operational improvements, grounded in authentic customer insights.


The Depth Sounder™ includes:

​We will shift your understanding of your customers.

  • In-depth customer conversations
  • Two workshops
  • Personalised workbooks
  • Comprehensive 'The Guts' report
  • NPS & CSAT Benchmarks
  • Your Action Plan
We're all about upfront pricing, rock-solid deadlines and keeping you in the loop, always.​
The Process


How long
does it take?


Six week in total for a standard Depth Sounder.


Weeks 1-3:
Customer Conversations

Week 4:
The Deep Dive Workshop

Week 5:
The Guts Workshop

Week 6:
The Guts Finale including your Action Plan



Our Signature Skill

Behind the scenes we work hard, gathering candid feedback from your customers.

Our proven framework allows us to connect quickly with your customers, creating a relaxed environment for them to tell us the good, the bad, and the otherwise.

From these conversations we create your personalised workbook for the Deep Dive workshop.


Deep Dive




Our Trade Secret

We've mastered our craft of transparent and objective analysis.

We transform your customer feedback into memorable, punchy insights that resonate.

This feeds into the truly meaty Guts workbook.

Deep Dive

Exploration to Inspiration

After a rollicking read of your raw, unfiltered customer feedback, we gather context, brainstorm ideas, tackle challenges and revel in the good stuff.

Importantly, no decisions are made, and no actions are taken.

Our workshop environment allows everyone to feel safe and contribute to the wide-ranging, often robust and always constructive discussions.


The Guts

The Guts Workshop

Insights to Action

We take everything we've learned so far and break it down into bite sized chunks. 


Together we digest and finesse:

  • Key insights

  • Brand elements, USP and SWOT

  • Functional and emotional benefits

  • Brand essence and core values

  • Benchmarks - NPS and CSAT

  • Testimonials


We hash out how these impact your business, your customers, and your team.


Then it’s crunch time – collaborative decisions are made that form your action plan.


We leave with everyone on the same wavelength, ready to get cracking!

Guts Report

Action to Traction

Your Guts Report consists of all the gold we’ve captured during the workshops, and your Action Plan.


Your growth strategies and proactive next steps are distilled into actions to be taken:

  • NOW: Just Do Its

  • SOON: Strategic Considerations

  • LATER: On the Radar

Your action plan is no longer than 2 pages  - it takes mad skills to make it this tight!


If a key insight relates to marketing, we'll discuss our Periscope Brand Brief service with you.​


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What happens next?

Only the boldest leaders are ready to embrace the transparency and transformation we provide.
If you're still here, chances are you're one of them.
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