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WLB was founded by Ange Wallace

Ange is passionate about helping people practice straight-up communication and finding the humility to listen to others.


Thoughtfully delivered feedback is a gift.


This is the essence of WLB.

Stingray moving

We are the creators of the Depth Sounder™methodology.



Founder & Director


My gift and my curse is that I can't do anything I don't believe in. I need freedom, meaning, variety, and challenge to thrive. Creating and growing What Lies Beneath ticks all these boxes—I absolutely love what I do and I am grateful for it all every single day.


During an extensive professional career working with growth and export-oriented companies, I randomly conducted a series of feedback calls on behalf of a company. I literally fist-pumped the air at the upfront, tangible, and fascinating information I received, realising that THIS was the gold every business needed.


So I set out to provide it.


I founded What Lies Beneath and introduced the Depth Sounder—a service designed to offer engaging, authentic, and action-oriented solutions that deliver results by involving teams throughout the customer journey.


Utilising the power of conversation (I love a good chat!) and guided by our values of candour, inspiration, integrity, and simplicity, we've crafted a winning formula that attracts brave businesses from around the world.


Our brand identity reflects a distinct theme inspired by my passion for the ocean, particularly spearfishing. Splitting my time between two coastal towns—Tauranga and Raglan—this watery playground serves as a perfect metaphor for my business and life's purpose: to uncover 'What Lies Beneath'.


Interview & Quality Specialist (and our Team Wrangler)


As a typical kiwi back in the 90’s, I spent eight years in London working various admin jobs before landing a primo role with Mobil Oil. This allowed me, and my now husband, to backpack or drive through wildly diverse continents.


Now that our two boys have grown up and flown the nest for university, we’ve joined the e-bike movement and are having loads of fun exploring the many tracks and trails throughout NZ.


Based in Tauranga, I devote Thursday mornings to driving the Good Neighbour Food Rescue truck, salvaging goods from supermarkets for distribution to 70+ worthy organisations across the Bay of Plenty. Knowing my small weekly effort helps 'rescue' 2.5 tonnes from landfill each day is incredibly satisfying.


Meeting Ange over a decade ago sparked an immediate connection. Our strengths and weaknesses complemented each other, fostering WLB's remarkable evolution. Collaborating with the incredible women at WLB fuels my passion for learning and growth.


Engaging in candid conversations lies at the heart of our work. While remaining impartial, my focus is on building trust, delving deep and asking the important questions that lead to success for our customers.


The most rewarding part? Hearing the ‘round ups’ from our customers at the end of the GUTS workshop. They're often astonished by the depth of insights we’ve extracted and are grateful that their whole team have had their say, in a well facilitated workshop that will enrich not only their role, but the whole company.




Insights Specialist 


I love seeing how things fit together and I know that to do that, you’ve first got to take it all apart. That’s what drew me to What Lies Beneath.


We get to go back to the basics of how customers feel and then understand the big picture of why a business is where it’s at. It’s fascinating and impactful work!


​I made the big move to New Zealand from Canada almost 10 years ago. I knew starting fresh was going to be a challenge but that’s exactly what I wanted.


Never content with complacency, I immersed myself in the fast-paced and ever-changing tech world to develop strong analytical skills geared towards helping businesses thrive.


After getting caught in the wormhole that is being a new parent, I’m finding my footing again. 


I'm getting back to doing more of what I love: being in/on the water, escaping into a good book and accepting challenges from my family on the next cake recipe to try.


Being able to explore all these different parts of myself continues to challenge and drive me to be better each day.




Chantelle 2 WLB.jpg
Insights Specialist

My career journey has been quite the ride! After graduating with an LLB and completing my professionals, I quickly realised law wasn't for me. Life's too short to stick with a career that doesn’t light you up!

My passion for the fashion industry ignited a journey that began in retail management and progressed to wholesale/distribution sales and brand management for renowned international brands. I seized opportunities that led me to an exhilarating in-house marketing role, where I had the privilege of managing over 40 iconic brands, including Victorinox and Scanpan.

With six years in the food and wine industry, managing extensive portfolios, I've become a marketing maven, sprinkling magic into brands. Crafting killer campaigns, handling PR, striking successful ambassador relationships, managing agencies, event management—I've mastered a lot. I like to stay ahead with lifestyle trends and bring strong technical skills, from SEO to content creation.

Now, with my kids at school, I've dived in with What Lies Beneath, using my bag of tricks to help businesses thrive. I have an analytical mind and I love capturing valuable insights for the brands we work with. 


I'm on a mission, with the Depth Sounder framework, to make waves and take businesses and brands to new depths.





Anna pic website.jpg
Insights Specialist - WLB USA


Embarking on a quest for great surf, 7,000 miles from home, unexpectedly led me to the best job imaginable.


My journey with What Lies Beneath began with a casual 20-minute conversation with Ange, and from that moment, I was hooked (fishing pun intended, of course).


I've always had a penchant for delving into random topics that pique my interest, immersing myself in exploration to learn as much as I can.


I firmly believe that one of the most effective ways to do this is by asking creative questions to the right people. Imagine my delight when I discovered a role entirely centred around this concept!


After spending four fulfilling years in New Zealand, I made the decision to bring What Lies Beneath back with me to the US. Now settled in the tranquil surf haven of Los Osos, California, I focus primarily on our projects in the United States.


When I'm not navigating time zones with the WLB team, you'll find me out on the waves, indulging in my passion for surfing. I also love immersing myself in the worlds of science fiction books and channelling my creativity into crafting glass mosaics on old surfboards.


Balancing work with these personal pursuits keeps me inspired and energised, ensuring that I bring my best to every endeavour with What Lies Beneath.




020 401 98820



Candour is contagious

When we are open, it's natural for others to be open. 

Inspiration is essential

To inspire we must feel inspired.

Authenticity over perfection

We're just our genuine, flawed, perfect selves.

Simplicity is our edge

Our methodology and practices are common sense.

Road trips not just work trips

We take work AND fun seriously.

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