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We are the small, big thinking B2B customer insights agency preferred by go-getting businesses across Australasia and the US.


We believe customer research is transformative only when the process empowers business teams to act. 

We call it action from insight.

Don’t settle for customer research – choose the agency that makes customer insight your superpower.  

“I staked my business reputation on What Lies Beneath.

Now I’m basking in the glow of my choice.

Their workshops made the research usable in a really

smart way and stimulated a lot of activity within the business. You don’t get that from regular research.

– Alex Robins, Commercial Manager,

RedBull Powder Company

​If you’ve landed here, our hunch is you’ve heard about us from someone you trust and respect who’s experienced

our service. But however you got here - we’re pleased you did!​

Read on, or if you want to cut straight to the chase - let's chat.

We have one proven service for all

sized businesses and industries:

The DEPTH SOUNDER Customer Insights

For go-getting leaders wanting a customer focused review of their entire business, to engage their team, strengthen relationships, define their strategy and ultimately grow their business.

We offer set pricing so there are no surprises

Your customers hold expert knowledge about your business. We have a proven formula that gets your customers talking openly, honestly and on the record. 

Our mission: To be the benchmark for B2B customer insights that helps transform SMB's in Australasia and beyond.

How we make it happen:

A belief that people are the process. Action happens when teams see, feel and believe the research.

The notion that nothing has changed, your customers were thinking this anyway. We're here to help you respond with maximum positive impact.

We are independent and objective so our process is constructive and drama free. It's also fast-paced and exciting!

We have a  passion for getting people to open up and helping our customers harness the power of raw customer truths.

When guided by our expertise, being brave and putting yourself out there will create opportunities to learn and improve.

Customer research is not just about marketing, it can ignite your team and authentically transform your business.


We love our work, and so do our clients!

" The What Lies Beneath feedback process has been very insightful and it was so easy to implement improvements."


Richard Judd, GM, Cirtex Civil

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