Your clients hold expert knowledge about your business.

We're experts at bringing their knowledge to your table.

We believe that business is about relationships, 

relationships are deepened with honesty and honesty allows us to move forward with purpose.


We bring this mindset to life by being the independent bridge between you and your clients' experiences. Through our feedback we bring you the in-market, on-the-ground reality of working with your business.

What Lies Beneath is a small consultancy with a big reputation, based in Tauranga with clients across New Zealand and beyond.

We have a proven formula that gets your clients talking openly, honestly and on the record. You'll be amazed how willing they are to help when they know your intention is to improve.

Our service is like nothing else in the market, we deliver a fast-paced, growth-focused and remarkably enjoyable experience for both you and your clients.


Opening your client relationships to us requires trust, so read through our website, feel free to contact any of our past clients (they're all OK with this), read our testimonials to get a feel for who we are and what we do.

Then, when you're ready to learn more, simply get in touch with Ange and have a chat.


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Ange Wallace &
Tracy Donovan

Contact Ange Wallace | Founder

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Bold and authentic leaders know how important it is for their business to be client-focused and they understand that to be client focused, they need to be willing to hear the truth.


Our qualitative feedback cuts through the whole of your business and helps you validate and challenge your thinking so you can improve, evolve and refine. It helps spark new ideas and ways of doing things. 

We help you to gain clarity by knowing where to invest your precious time and money. 


Ultimately client feedback will fast-track your decision making and short-cut your journey to greater profitability, stronger relationships and enhanced brand perception...


...and just as important, a more motivated team who are on the same page as you.


  • Professional but relaxed and informal - we're like part of the team

  • One service fits all - our Depth Sounder works for all B2B businesses

  • Easy - minimal time and effort from your end to get started

  • Timely - done and dusted in six weeks (you don't see us for four of them!)

  • Fast-paced workshops - we're know you're busy, we don't muck around

  • Set price - affordable and genuinely great value

  • The feedback isn't anonymous meaning it really sinks in

  • A super-engaging and useful report that won't stay in the drawer!

  • A succinct Action Map as the culmination of the project

  • We are registered with the Regional Partnership programme so you may be eligible for 50% funding for your feedback project.

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Feedback has negative connotations but it is such a positive experience because we extract the goodness too - there is always goodness!

If some of your feedback feels tough, remember that nothing has changed except now you know - your clients were thinking these things already.


 But now you have the advantage of being able to act.

That's why brave leaders choose our feedback - they want to know the truth so they can use it be better.