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B2B customer insights
you can sink your teeth into.


Raw, unfiltered feedback to propel you to the top of the food chain.

We specialise in drawing out difficult truths, hidden gems and opportunities for growth from your customers.

Served up as crunchy and thought-provoking insights to chew on. 

With your team, we dive deep for context then create a path forward that challenges and inspires action.

In a market where the competition for every dollar is fierce, we help you position yourself as the apex predator.
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The Depth Sounder™ covers: Customer Feedback・Market Research・Customer Insights ・Benchmarks
・Marketing Strategy・Business Strategy・Team Building・Action Planning・Testimonials・Accountability

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We deliver game-changing results for ambitious businesses worldwide

Over a decade ago, WLB founder Ange Wallace identified an unexplored market for easily accessible, profound, and unfiltered customer insights.
Avoid settling for ordinary customer research.

Choose What Lies Beneath™ and get straight to the Guts.

About Us

Our straightforward and upfront approach strikes a chord with business and marketing leaders

They revel in clarity and confidence and witness their teams unify with decisive action.

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What We Do


A six-week service suitable for all-sized B2B businesses and industries.

Customer Conversations

Our Signature Skill

Deep Dive Workshop

Exploration to Inspiration

Advanced Analysis

Our Trade Secret

The Guts Workshop

Insights to Action

Final Report

Action and Traction


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